prince charles

HRH The Prince of Wales recently visited Bulmer & Lumb Group Headquarters at Buttershaw in Bradford, as part of the Campaign for Wool of which he is patron. On arrival, the Prince was greeted by the Group Chairman, Bill Waterhouse & Sales Director, David Lister.

After meeting the rest of the board of directors, the Prince was escorted on a tour of the site by Group Managing Director, David Midgley. As Bulmer & Lumb is the only textile manufacturer remaining in the UK which processes wool from raw material to finished fabric, this included top dyeing, combing & weaving.

The party then returned to the board room, where the Prince viewed samples of the all the products made by Bulmer & Lumb. Gifts of an exclusive Lumb’s Golden Bale Flannel suit length & an Escorial Ladies’ Shawl, manufactured at Taylor & Lodge in Huddersfield, were presented to him by Jacob Midgley.